The municipality of Parga

Parga, located within the northwestern area of Greece, is a municipality as well as a town and counts with the peculiarity of being the only municipality in this country that is completely surrounded by other municipality, Thesprotia. Parga is situated nearby other attractive destinations in such a way that it can be found at about 65 kilometers from the north western area of Preveza, 40 kilometers from the southern area of Igoumenitsa, 60 kilometers from the north eastern area of Lefkada, and around 50 kilometers from the north western border of Vonitsa.

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Metsovo – a winter vacation destination

Metsovo, in northern Greece, is famous as a winter vacation destination. This town also attracts tourists as a ski resort and is ideal for practicing an important number of winter sports. This is a very cozy destination in which tourists could find charming cabins and chalets in which to relax after spending a day at a ski resort or walking around and enjoying picturesque landscapes and beautiful sceneries.

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Konitsa – in Epirus

Konitsa is an attractive town located in Epirus, towards the northern area of Greece. This town is near the border with Albania and situated next to a mountain that belongs to the mountain range of Pindos, providing this destination with a very beautiful background. In this region of Greece, nature and tradition are combined in almost every town and village a tourist could meet, turning it into a very charming and picturesque spot which all those who wish to relax and breathe fresh air while meeting beautiful places full of amazing landscapes should not miss.

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Igoumenitsa – capital of Thesprotia

Igoumenitsa is the capital town of Thesprotia, located towards the northwestern area of Greece. This city is characterized for counting with a beautiful coastline which provides it with attractive beaches and amazing sea landscapes. Besides this, this ancient city is also interesting from the point of view of history and archeology in such a way that most tourists, no matter what their preferences are, would surely be able to find something interesting to do during their visit.

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