The Prespa Lakes in Greece

The Prespa lakes or Prespa lake region is located in the southeastern area of Europe, in part of Albania, the Republic of Macedonia, and Greece. The Greek area of the Prespa lakes can be found towards the northern area of the country, and is one of the most beautiful natural spots tourists could find in that region. This region has gone through many important historical events and is very rich in historical past as well as in fauna and flora, offering beautiful unique landscapes and an amazing scenery for any person who wishes to relax and enjoy fresh air while being surrounded by a beautiful natural environment.

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The small Didimotiho

Didimotiho, also known as Didimoticho, is a small town located towards the northern area of Greece, by the Erythropotamos River. This town offers not only beautiful natural sceneries but also interesting historic spots and antique constructions due to the fact that its origins can be traced back to the ancient past. Tourists who enjoy meeting historic places and spots attractive from archaeological and anthropological points of view should not miss visiting Didimoticho while being in this region of Greece.

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The history of Phillippi

Philippi, located in eastern Macedonia, is a city very rich from the point of view of history and architecture. This city was founded in the year 356 BC by the king of Macedon Philip II and conquered by the Ottoman Empire during the 14th century, and many of its streets and antique buildings are a lively memory of the different historical moments Philippi has gone through.

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The Evros Delta and its natural beauty

The Evros Delta is situated within the northern region of Greece, on the north eastern border with Turkey. Although the access to this area is restricted, and visitors would have to go through a military checkpoint in order to be able to enter to this area, it is worthwhile due to the beauty of its natural and unspoiled landscapes, which often are described as unique and paradisiacal.

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The history of Alexandroupolis

Alexandroupolis, located in the northern Greek region of Thrace, is the capital city of the Evros Prefecture. This city is located nearby several other interesting destinations, a characteristic that turns it into a very attractive spot for all those tourists who wish to be able to visit many places in a short period of time. Despite of the fact that Alexandroupolis’ history is very short, it is also very rich, and its urban design and constructions are an important legacy of several facts that not only affected this town but the entire country as well.

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