The Evros Delta and its natural beauty

The Evros Delta is situated within the northern region of Greece, on the north eastern border with Turkey. Although the access to this area is restricted, and visitors would have to go through a military checkpoint in order to be able to enter to this area, it is worthwhile due to the beauty of its natural and unspoiled landscapes, which often are described as unique and paradisiacal.

The area comprehended by the Delta of Evros is of about 190 km2. Within this area, there are beautiful and amazing lagoons, lakes, small inner rivers, dunes, small sandy islands, and marshes among other outstanding natural spots. Besides this, the fauna of this area is also very wide, counting with around 335 different birds, and many other animals.

Bird watching is one of the most attractive activities visitors could find in this area. This way, this destination is especially appealing to tourists who are fond of bird watching, and it is said that, a professional on this field would be able to observe more tan 100 different birds in one same day. This can be a paradisiacal destination to any tourist who loves the nature and enjoy meeting different species, of birds as well as of many other animals, in their own ecosystems and environment.

This area’s economy is based on the commercialization of hunting and fishing related products as well as on its agriculture. While visiting it, tourists could observe beautiful and peaceful landscapes, with rice fields, plantations, small villages, and green fields with cows, wild horses, and other animals walking around, eating, or sleeping in them.

In 1974, this area was named as a protected wetland. Since then, the Evros Delta and the agricultural or commercialization activities in it have been extremely controlled and protected. This control includes tourist activities as well, in such a way that massive tourism is not allowed and the filters for visitors to be able to have access are important, but once a tourist can enter this area and meet its beauty, they realize and understand the reason of this protection.

Map of Evros Delta in Greece