The history of Veria

Veria is a Greek destination very rich in historic events and antique constructions as well as in a variety of other elements. Besides its attractive historical past, this city is also characterized by being an important Macedonian commercial center, and is interesting to know that it is the capital of the prefecture of Imathia as well.

Actual Veria is located at the same spot in which an ancient Greek town used to be. This ancient Greek town was called Berea or Beroea, and was a very important city during the Macedonian Kingdom. After that, and towards the year 160 BC, this town became part of Rome for a considerable period of time.

The ancient city of Veria was among the first towns in the world becoming the seat of a Bishop, a characteristic which continues alive to the date since it still is the seat of a bishop from the Greek Orthodox Church. This is a very peculiar characteristic which turns Veria into one of the cities’ that have been the seat of a bishop for the longest period of time in the world.

Next on Veria’s history we can say that towards the year 1360, and after being taken by the Slavs, this city was invaded and conquered by the Turks. During the period of time in which it was taken by the Turks, Veria became a military colony known as Karaferiye, and was not liberated until 1911.

Nowadays, Veria is a modern and active city, very lively due to its commercial importance throughout the region. This is a very attractive destination which most tourists, regardless their preferences, would surely enjoy due to the wide range of different attractions and activities it offers.

The interesting historical past of this city can be almost revived while walking around and meeting its ancient constructions, its streets, and its ruins among many other spots. There are many amazing ruins as well as some very well preserved antique buildings which can be a great attraction to all those tourists who enjoy architecture and design as well as history, archeology, and many other disciplines.

Map of Veria in Greece