The prefecture of Xanthi

Xanthi is a Greek prefecture located towards the northern area of the country, on the eastern side of Macedonia. The capital of the province of Xanthi, characterized by its small territory, is called after the same name and is a very attractive destination which tourists should not miss while being in the region of Macedonia.

The prefecture of Xanthi borders with the Aegean Sea towards its southern area and with Bulgaria towards its northern side where the Rhodope Mountains are. There are several other appealing destinations situated near Xanthi, allowing tourists easily go to them while being in this area of Greece. Among the most attractive destinations visitors can find near Xanthi there are, for example, Drama, Kavala, and Rhodope.

One of the main attractions offered by Xanthi is its unique Byzantine castle. Xanthi’s Byzantine castle is situated by the city’s old town and is a spot which all those who are fond of disciplines such as architecture, design, anthropology and archeology should not miss. It conserves many of its original structural elements and most of its interior design has been maintained through the pass of time.

Another spot visitors should not miss in this destination is located towards the area known as Kommina. In this place, tourists can meet subterranean tombs created towards the 2nd century BC, during the Macedonia kingdom époque. This could be especially appealing to visitors who are attracted by spots of archeological and anthropological interest.

Xanthi’s climate is usually typically continental. Tourists who plan to visit this region during winter time should expect low temperatures, especially towards the northern area where the elevations’ climate offers lower temperature than in other areas. During summer time visitors would find moderate to warm temperatures, although again, they should expect the average to be lower towards the northern area.

There are several municipalities and communities spread throughout and nearby Xanthi and many of which can be very attractive for tourists. Among these municipalities and communities, we can name, for example, Stavroupoli, Myki, Avdira, Kotyli, Topiros, Selero, Satres, and Thermes. Many of these spots offer interesting characteristics and it is recommendable for visitors to ask for more information on them at a local tourist attention center.

Map of Xanthi in Greec