Agathonisi and its two main towns

Agathonisi is the Dodecanese island located at the most northerly area of the archipelago. This island, also known as Tragea and Gaidaros, has two main villages or towns called Mikri Chorio and Megalo Chorio and tourists who visit this area of the Dodecanese should try to meet both of them since each one offers unique and appealing attractions. One of the best moments of the year to visit this destination is between July and August when some celebrations, such as the feast of Panaghia and the celebration of Aghios Pandeleimon, take place.

The island of Agathonisi has a territory of approximately 14 m2 with a maximum height of around 210 meters provided by a peak located near Mikri Chorio. Besides this, it might be interesting to know that, according to a census, this island does not count with more than 150 inhabitants, and most of them live in the two main villages.

Agathonisi has several beautiful beaches, most of which are surrounded by amazing and unspoiled natural landscapes. Among the most attractive beaches offered by Agathonisi, we can find, for example, Vathy Pighadi, Maistros, Palos, Tsangari and Poros, this last one next to a very attractive bay.

Those tourists who are fond of disciplines such as anthropology, architecture and history would surely have a great time while visiting Agathonisi due to the fact that it has several interesting ruins. Some of the most important ruins visitors can find in this island are located in Tholi. The ruins of Tholi date from the 11th century and are the remains of Byzantine constructions. Also, and towards the northern area of Agathonisi, tourists could find other ruins known as Kastraki and which, like the ones of Tholi, date from ancient times.

Agathonisi has several antique constructions that tourists who enjoy meeting spots that are interesting from the point of view of architecture should not miss. Among these constructions, we can name, for example, the Church of Aghios Gheorghios, the Church of Aghia Iribi Chrysovalandou, the Church of Aghios Ioannis Prodromos, The Cathedral of Panagia, Aghios Nikolaos, Aghios Pandeleimon, Metamorphosi Sotiros, Aghios Charalambos, and the Church of Aghios Ioannis Theologhos, among many others.

Map of Agathonisi in Greece