Galaxidi and its harbor

Galaxidi is a Greek town situated towards the southern area of Phokida, a prefecture in the region of Central Greece. This town is very appealing for several reasons and elements, among which we can name, per example, its harbor, its traditional elements, its charming houses, and its unique environment in general. This town is ideal for a day trip from other near by destinations, since it is close to several other major spots and can be rather easily reached.

The town of Galaxidi can be found at about 25 kilometers to the south western side of Delphi, at about 30 kilometers from the south of Amfissa, to the east of Nafpaktos and to the south of Itea. As it can be notices, this spot is surrounded by other interesting destinations, and tourists should explore as many of this places as possible while being in this part of Greece.

Galaxidi has a charming harbor and port which is one of the main attractions it offers. This harbor connects Galaxidi with the Carisean Gulf and can be found at the northern side of the town. Tourists who visit it could enjoy a very beautiful landscape and a unique sight of not only the harbor but the surrounding houses as well since it would allow them to have a great view on them from some peculiar points of view.

Galaxidi counts with a small amount of inhabitants and has a gymnasium, a lyceum, a school, a post office, a church, and a square among others. According to its history, this spot was already inhabited as long ago as in the year 1390 BC, and its traditions and antique cultural elements can be still noticed.

There are many ways to reach the town of Galaxidi. This spot has several routes and roads as well as a ferry from Aigio which connects the city with other destinations. It is also interesting to known that from Galaxidi, visitors could enjoy some unique sights on the surroundings and some other places, such as per example, the region of the Peloponnese, Itea, and Parnassus among others.

Map of Galaxidi in Greece