The periphery of Thessaly

Thessaly is a major region in central Greece which is one of the 13 main peripheries of the country. This region is sub divided in 4 main prefectures called Karditsa, Larissa, Magnesia, and Trikala, each one of which offers some unique attractions and peculiarities.

The geography of Thessaly shows an important central plain surrounded by several mountains which cause it to be a very beautiful area full of attractive landscapes. The central plain is mostly occupied by the prefectures of Trikala and Larissa, being these the warmest areas of the region. The weather in Thessaly offers two clearly differentiated seasons: a rather humid winter, and a rainy summer.

Towards the year 2500 Bc, Thessaly was already inhabited. Some discoveries have shown evidence of the existence of Neolithic and Mycenean cultures in the region. Some of the clearest evidences of these antique settlements were found, for example, in the area of Dimini, Iolkos, and Sesklo.

In the Ancient Greece times, the central area of Thessaly received Baronial inhabitants who formed a federation in the entire region and controlled part of northern Greece. During the 4th century BC, the region of Thessaly became controlled by Macedon and an important amount of its inhabitants became their vassals.

Larissa, situated in the central area of the periphery, is one of the main four prefectures in which Thessaly is divided, and is considered an important commercial area. This city shows ancient constructions, impressive mansions, and gorgeous gardens which provide it with a very special and unique appearance.

Karditsa, another of the main four prefectures in Thessaly, is a very interesting spot which has several appealing villages. Among these villages and the main places tourists should visit in Karditsa there is, for example, Mesenikolas, Neohori, Kastania, Bezoula, Neraida, and the mountains of Agrafa. Another prefecture tourists should not miss is Trikala. Trikala has an amazing Castle of Byzantine style situated in a very peculiar spot at the top of a hill. Besides this castle, tourists who visit Trikala could also meet other Byzantine constructions such as the Church of Agii Anargyri and the Church of Agios Demetrios.

Map of Thessaly in Greece