The town of Messolongi

Messolongi is a small city situated within central Greece, between the River Acheloos and the River Evinos, and counts with several peculiarities which turn it into a very interesting spot to meet. This city of about 14000 inhabitants is the capital of Aetolia Arcanania and the seat of the municipality of Iera Poli Messolonghiou.

The town of Messolongi is also called Messolonghi or Mesolongion, and was founded in the 16th century although it was inhabited before that époque. This town can be found towards the southern side of Agrinio, the south western side of Karpenisi, the western side of Rio Antirio Bridge and Nafpaktos, the western south western of Amfissa, the south eastern side of Astakos, and the eastern side of Aitoliko.

Some of the main economical resources on which Messolongi is based depend on the port the city has on the Gulf of Patras, since a variety of products are sent to the exterior through it. This way, the city produces and exports wine, fish, and tobacco among other products which are on the base of the town’s incomes.

Messolongi has gone through some important historical events, such as per example, the Greek War of Independence. During this war, the town of Messolongi was a very important stronghold and its inhabitants succeeded in their resistance against the Turkish invaders until Ottoman forces took control over the city.

Since the inhabitants of this town demonstrated a very important strength and resistance during the invasion of Turkish and Egyptian forces, it was honored with a special title called Iera Polis. The title Iera Polis, meaning The Holly Town, was given to Messolongi due to its strength and turns it into a very special city due to the exclusivity of the title.

Messolongi counts with a variety of interesting elements which turn it into a very interesting place to visit. Its historical past, its unique title, its antique constructions, its peculiar lagoon, and several other factors can be counted among these interesting characteristics which cause it to be an attractive destination and which attract visitors from a variety of origins.

Map of Messolongi in Greece