Lamia – the capital of Phthiotis

Lamia is the capital city of the Greek prefecture called Phthiotis. Phtiotis is one of the main regions if Sterea Ellada in central Greece, next to the regions of Peloponnese and Attica. By meeting this city, visitors would be able to be in one of the most antique areas in the region and observe some unique historical constructions as well.

The city of Lamia has a population of about 76,000 people and is famous by its amazing ancient castle among other reasons. This way, this spot would be particularly interesting to all those who are fond of architecture, archeology, and history among other disciplines, as well as to those who enjoy amazing landscapes and being close to the nature.

According to what is said in the region, the name of this city owes its origins to the mythological Lamia. According to mythology, Lamia, the daughter of Poseidon, was in love with Zeus who was married to Hera. Once Hera realized of this situation turned Lamia into a monster that killed her own children and would not be able to ever close her eyes and rest again.

Lamia is a very antique spot which already counted with inhabitants as long ago as in the 5th millennium BC. This way, it is easy to imagine the amazing amount of interesting past events this spot has gone through and the variety of antique constructions it has.

The Castle of Lamia is one of the main attractions and most interesting antique constructions tourists could find not only in Lamia but the entire region. This castle is surrounded by a peculiar wall of triangular shape which turns it into a very strong fortification. This construction counts with areas which were built in the 5th century BC and, nowadays, still contain many of its original features.

Lamia’s Castle counts with a very interesting architecture provided by the combination of styles it received during the pass of time. Some of its rooms and repairs were done at different époques, in such a way that, per example, it counts with some features that date from the Byzantine times combined with some other from the medieval times.

Map of Lamia in Greece