Albacete – a modern-antique city

Albacete is a town which perfectly combines antique features with modern characteristics in such a way that both of them can be easily noticed and most of the times don’t interfere with each other. Although it usually is not considered an important tourists destination, this spot does count on several interesting things to meet and explore, since, per example, it has gone through several important past events.

The city of Albacete is located towards the south eastern area of Spain, in the community of Castilla-La Mancha. During the époque of the Moors, this city was known as Al Basit or The Plain due to its geographical characteristics which cause it to show important extensions of plain areas. This area counts on a territory of about 15.000 km2 and with a population of about 152.200 people living in it.

One of the main characteristics by which Albacete is known is its production of knives and other similar tools such as scissors and daggers. This city has manufactured and exported these products for centuries, being recognized by it in the other surrounding cities as well as in many other Spanish regions which buy these products from it, in such a way that it is one of this city’s main characteristics and peculiarities.

Another interesting aspect of Albacete is the fact that it is where Albacete Balompie o Albacete, a widely known football team was born. It is also interesting to know that this town was where the headquarters of the International Brigades where established during the Spanish Civil War. This way, it is easy to see the variety of peculiarities and interesting facts offered by this town and the way in which its constructions and environment have been influenced by them as time passed by.

The province of Albacete allows visitors to enjoy one of the most amazing sights in the region provided by Sierra Segura and the unique mountain landscapes it shows. Besides this, there also are other beautiful landscapes in this province, such as per example in the are of the Mundo River and the Lagoons of Ruidera, both of them a must for those tourists who enjoy being close to water sources and enjoy beautiful natural sights.

Map of Albacete in Spain