The beautiful village of Anavryti

Anavrity is a small beautiful village situated in the Greek region of Peloponnese, on a snowy area of Mt. Taygetos. The ideal season to visit this village is during summer time or in the first weeks of spring, although its cold winter also have a special charm and can be found attractive by some tourists as well.

One of the main attractive characteristics of Anavryti is the amazing landscapes and sights it provides due to its location. From this spot, visitors can enjoy amazing views on the village as well as on surroundings, a factor which those visitors who enjoy sightseeing and photographing often find very appealing.

There is one main amazing spot visitors can meet in Anavryti: the Geological Museum. The Geological Museum of Anavrity exhibits a variety of elements and pictures related to the fauna and flora of the village and its surroundings, with a section specially dedicated to Mt. Taygetos. This museum attracts visitors from many different places and is often considered as one of the most interesting spots in that area of the Peloponnese.

Those visitors who approach this area in order to meet Mt. Tygetos, should always try to visit Anavryti wince this destination would not only allow them to visit the Geological Museum and learn important information about this mount, but also would allow them to have a nice first approach to their destination and enjoy it from a peculiar perspective as well.

Another interesting spot visitors can meet in Anavrity is the Monastery of Phaneromeni. The Monastery of Phaneromeni is an antique religious construction which counts with the peculiarity of being built inside a cave. This way, this construction is very appealing due to its structural characteristics and unique location, and tourists who meet this village should always try to visit it.

Anavrity counts with several facilities, such as a main guesthouse, and some hotels spread within the village and its surroundings. Besides this, there also are several restaurants and places where visitors can enjoy some unique local dishes while enjoying a beautiful landscape and breathing an amazingly pure fresh air.

Map of Anavryti in Greece