Avila and its unique wall

The town of Avila is located at about 115 kilometers from the western side of Madrid, and is without any doubt one of the main spots tourists should try to visit while being in this region. This town is very interesting and attractive due to several reasons, but the main one of them is the town’s unique and antique constructions which those tourists who enjoy architecture and history should not miss.

One of the main characteristics and peculiarities of this town is its medieval wall. This wall was built during the medieval ages in order to protect the city, and still to the date stands and conserves its original appearance without any major changes. Nowadays, this medieval wall of about 2 kilometers encircles the old town and is one of the first things a person would be able to notice when reaching Avila.

While walking around and meeting Avila’s old town, tourists would be able to find several other interesting antique spots, such as per example the Cathedral. The Cathedral of Avila offers the peculiar fact that it was built during six centuries, since it was started during the XII century and completed in the XVIII century.

Other interesting construction visitors can meet while being in Avila’s old town is the Basilica. The Basilica de Avila was built between the XII and XIV centuries, and was built in honor to San Vincente who was martyred in that spot. Also, Avila has some interesting spots related to the life of Saint Theresa who lived in this town and wrote most of her manuscripts while being here.

One important aspect of Avila tourists should have in mind is the fact that it is colder than other spots in the region. This town is located at a high elevation, at about 1125 meters above sea level, and therefore, it is offers much lower temperatures and more important winds that other surrounding towns. This way, it is very recommendable to bring warm clothes when visiting this town and try to learn which the current weather conditions are before arriving in order to be prepared for it.

Map of Avila in Spain