The mysterious Dracula’s Castle

Dracula’s Castle might be one of the most famous and most surrounded of mystery constructions of the entire world. This way, whenever tourists are enjoying a vacation in Romania, and especially while being in the region of Wallachia, they should make sure of visiting this castle, since it is, without any doubt, one of the most interesting places they could meet in this country.

The Castle of Dracula, also known as the Bran Castle, is located within the region of Wallachia, more specifically in Transylvania, and near Brasov. This castle is a national monument of Romania and one of the most famous attractions of this country as well. It was originally built as a stronghold at beginnings of the 13th century, more precisely around the year 1211, by the Teutonic Knights. Later, around the year 1380, it was transformed into a citadel, taking the shape known nowadays.

Despite of the fact that the Bran Castle has become famous as being where Vlad III Dracula lived, there is not factual evidence that supports such theory. Through several myths and through cinematography, this construction became known as Dracula’s Castle, and that fact actually attracts more visitors to it than its structure or architectonic characteristics.

Nowadays, this castle belongs to Dominic von Habsburg, son of Princess Ileana of Romania. Before this, it was owned by his mother, but she lost it in hands of the Communist government and did not return to the family until the year 2006. Tourists who wish to visit the interior of Dracula’s Castle would have no problem doing so since it opens its doors for visitors on a daily basis, offering guided tours to those who wish to learn interesting facts about it while meeting it.

During the 1980’s, this castle was restored, after which its popularity among tourists increased and it became one of the main tourist attractions in not only Transylvania but all Romania as well. The interior of this castle is as mysterious as its exterior. It counts with secret passages, such as one which unexpectedly connects the first with the third floor of the construction.

Street View from Dracula’s Castle in Romania