The beautiful Kritsa

Kritsa is a very attractive traditional Greek village located in Crete, at about 12 kilometers from the famous Agios Nikolaos. This village was originally known as Lato Etera and was not located on the exactly same place it is nowadays but about 3km northwest, according to the ruins that were discovered on that area.

According to archaeologists, Lato Etera was built during the 7th century BC, in the Archaic Period, and was considered one of th emost important towns in Crete. Lato Etera also had the port of Lato pros Kamares, a port which was very important for the commercialization of products in that area of Crete.

The town of Lato Etera had a temple, a sanctuary, a theatre, shops and an important number of houses and other small constructions. Nowadays, visitors can still meet the ruins of an important number of them, as well as enjoy amazing landscapes and sights provided by the Lasithian Mountains and the Bay of Mirabello.

One of the most attractive places tourists should visit while being in Kritsa is Logari, a spot located at about 1km from the central area of the village. The main attraction in Logari is an antique church built in the Byzantine Period and known as the Church of Panagia Kera. This church shows some structural elements very characteristic from the époque in which it was built as well as several unique frescoes from the 14th and 15th centuries.

Tourists who also wish to meet other destinations at the same time while being in Kritsa could easily do so due to the fact that is close to several other attractive places. One of the most attractive spots visitors can meet nearby Kritsa is the village of Kroutsa. Besides this, while going to Kroutsa from Kritsa tourists could also visit the Monastery of Agios Ionnis, a unique construction that is located half way between both villages. This monastery was built around the year 1216 AC and counts with a very interesting history due to the fact that it was used as a secret place for meetings and a hiding spot during some local battles.

Map of Kritsa in Greece