La Coruña in Galicia

La Coruña is a Spanish municipality located towards the north western area of the country, in the region of Galicia. This destination has a population of about 243,800 inhabitants spread within a territory of about 37 km2 in such a way that its population density per km2 is of about 6,600 inhabitants.

This city has a productive extension of coast line and a port due to what one of the main factors on which its economy is based is the fishing industry. Due to the fact that it also is an important tourist destination, La Coruña’s economy is also based on services, and it is a city that is always ready and willing to receive visitors.

Tourists can always find something fun or interesting to do in La Coruña. This city offers a variety of different options from which visitors can choose, such as per example, concerts, theaters, movies, shopping, and beaches among many others. Those visitors who enjoy going to the movies could have a great time by choosing among about 25 different screens equipped with the latest technologies.

Beaches are one of the main attractions offered by La Coruña. Although according to the size of the town, there are only about 2 km of coastlines offering beaches, in this spot visitors can find some of the most beautiful beaches in the region. This way, those visitors who enjoy sea related spots would surely be able to have a nice time while relaxing at one of La Coruña’s beaches.

La Coruña is also an interesting destination for all those visitors who wish to spend some time at green open areas and be in touch with nature. This town has a variety of parks, gardens, squares and other nature related spots available for visitors to meet and enjoy.

Shopping is another important activity in La Coruña. This city has a wide variety of different shops selling all kinds of products in such a way that visitors could find almost anything they could wish. Tourists who visit La Coruña could go to four major shopping spots: the Picasso neighborhood or district, Calle Barcelona, Cuatro Caminos and Obelisco.

Map of La Coruña in Spain