The popular village of Paleohora

Paleohora is a popular village located at about 80 kilometers from Hania, within the south western area of Crete, in Greece. This village is considered to be the second largest town in the southern area of Crete, and, due to the variety of attractions it offers, is one of the most appealing ones as well.

The easiest way to visit the village of Paleohora is after visiting Hania, since both towns are connected by a route and are at a distance of between 75 and 80 kilometers. Besides this, it interesting to know that there are daily public transport services as well as private buses and taxis traveling from one of this towns to the other on a daily basis.

Paleohora and its inhabitants base their economical resources on a variety of activities, such as, for example, tourism, fishing, and the cultivation of tomatoes and olives. Despite of the fact that tourism is one of the village’s main resources and it receives an important number of visitors every year, it has managed to maintain most of its traditional characteristics and its charming appearance almost unchanged, being this a factor that differentiates it from many of the other large villages or towns of Crete.

Those tourists who enjoy the sea would surely be able to have a great time while visiting Paleohora due to the fact that it has a variety of beautiful beaches spread throughout its coastline. The main and longest sandy beach of Paleohora is a must for every tourist who visit this spot, although there also are several other charming smaller beaches nearby as well. These smaller beaches are often more cozy and attractive than the main beach due to the fact that they are less exposed to the wind and count with beautiful surroundings.

Paleohora also offers many other attractions and appealing entertaining activities, in such a way that most tourists would surely be able to find something appealing or interesting to do. This village counts with several restaurants, pubs, discos, and cafes as well as many shops and other facilities providing all the comfort they might need in order to feel like home.

Map of Paleohora in Greece