The village of Plakias

Plakias is an attractive village located in the prefecture of Rethymno, towards the southern coast of Crete. This town was born as a fishing village, and, although it has been changing and gaining new income resources, it still maintains its traditional characteristics. This way, it is possible to say that Plakias offers the combination of a traditional fishing village with a modern small town in a very peculiar and interesting way.

The village of Plakias was officially recognized as a town in 1961, when, after a national census, it was noticed that it was the permanent home land of six families who made their living through fishing activities. Despite of this, this area and the surrounding mountains have been place of settlements and received visitants since the 16th century.

One of the main attractions offered by Plakias is its coastline and beach. Plakias has a beach of a length of more than 1200 meters, with soft white sands and clear waters, being the most visited spot of the town by all those who enjoy the sea. Besides this, this coastline also has several other smaller beaches which are located near the main one and usually less crowded, being a great choice for those who wish to relax while enjoying a beautiful landscape.

Besides the beach and coastline, tourists could also find a variety of other attractions in Plakias. One of these attractions is the Monastery of Preveli, an antique construction situated nearby the central area of Plakias and which counts with a very rich and interesting historical past. This Monastery was crucial when the Cretan fought against German forces during World War II, as well as it has had an important role in several other historical moments.

There is a variety of taverns, cafes, restaurants, and nightclubs in Plakias, in such a way that all tourists could find something entertaining to do no matter what their preferences are. Throughout its last 30 years of formal existence, this village has evolved from a small fishing village to a town where visitors can find all the basic accommodations and facilities they might need while still enjoying a traditional environment.

Map of Plakias in Greece