Sightseeing in Formentera

Formentera is a very beautiful city in which tourists could enjoy some amazing sightseeing experiences as well as go to outstanding beaches. This island has a territory of about 90 km2 and counts on about 5.000 inhabitants, although during summer months it receives an important amount of visitors from around the world which cause it to seem to have a highest population density.

One of the most interesting ways in which tourists can discover this island and its city is by bike. There are several bike rental spots spread throughout the city in such a way that tourists can rent a nice bike for a low price and meet the surroundings as they want and in a very special way. It is very recommendable to ask for a city map before renting a bike in order to know which the main tourist attractions in the area are.

Some of the most interesting spots to visit in Formentera are San Francisco Javier, Las Salinas, and San Fernando which are some of the most beautiful areas tourists can explore while being in this island. Besides this, Formentera contains several interesting constructions and beautiful houses which give a very peculiar and charming mood to the island’s environment.

The beaches of Formentera are without any doubt among its main attractions. These beaches show a very amazing natural beauty which often seems to be almost unchanged by the human hand. Some of the main beaches tourists should make sure of meeting in Formentera are: Mitjorn, towards the south of the island; Pujols, towards the northern side; and Cala Saone towards the west.

It is important to have in mind that due to its size and the amount of visitors it averagely receives, this island does not count on a high amount of accommodations spots. This way, those tourists who plan to visit it during summer months, should try to book a room in advance in order to make sure of finding one when they arrive. This is a very beautiful destination which offers more tranquil and relaxing options than some of the other ones in the Balearic Islands.

Map of Formentera in Spain