Some things to know about Spanish wine

Although Spanish wines have always had a great reputation, within the last decades they have been scaling positions and gaining places among the best wines of the entire world. Spain is not only gaining places among the best wines of the world, but also, as time passes by it is producing them in a broader variety and diversity.

The Spanish region of Aragon, for example, produces amazing red wines which are becoming more and more recognized throughout the world. Also, the region of Navarra produces great cavas or champagne and the region of Galicia offers some excellent white wines which are often required at many different points of the world.

The region of Jerez is where some of the best and most unique types of grapes of Spain grow. The grape called Palomino grows in this region and is the base of the production of Spain’s fine wines. Also in Jerez grows the grape known as Pedro Ximenez grape, which is the base of production of some of the best sweet wines of this country.

The grape types of Parellada and Macabeo from which the cava Spanish wine is produced, are grown in several different spots of the country, and allow the production of some excellent wines. The Parellada grape provides its wines with a very elegant and fine color as well as with a subtle aroma and a unique taste. The grape of Macabeo is the base of a very delicate wine.

Some of the most unique and peculiar wines of Spain are produced within the region of Galicia. The grape types of Lado and Albariño are grown within the region of Galicia and are the base of some unique wines. The Albariño grape is very concentrated due to the fact that it does not have much juice, and therefore the wine produced from is very peculiar and strong. The Lado, is not very common to find or easy to grow, but the wine produced from it is among the best ones of this country, which turns this grape type into a very wanted and cared one.