The big Chania

Hania is the second biggest city in Crete and one of the most visited as well. This city is often known after different names, such as Chania, Xavia, Khania, or even Canea which was its original name. This city is located towards the eastern side of the Gulf of Chania and is near to several other attractive spots such as, for example, Agios Mattews, Profitis Ilias, Kounoupidiana, Agios Apostoli, Nerokourou, Perivolia, Vamvakopoulo, Mournies and Chryssi Akti among others.

The best time of the year to visit Hania is between May and October, since during these months this city offers sunny warm days, usually without rains, and ideal for enjoying the beaches as well as many other outdoor activities such as simply walk around and meet the destination. Despite of this, winter months can also be a good time for visiting this city, since this season often offers nice sunny days combined with the rainy and colder ones.

The history of Hania can be traced back to the Minoan times, when the first settlements took place in this area of Crete. In its origins, this city was known as Cydonia, and became very popular towards the last decades of the Minoan Period, occupying a large area which would go from the White Mountains to the Bay of Hania. During its first centuries of existence, Hania went through several confrontations and fights with other nearby towns such as Falasarna, Aptera or Polyrrinia.

Nowadays, Hania has two main different areas, the first one known as the modern city, and the second one as the old town. The old town of Hania is very interesting from a wide variety of points of view and disciplines, including, for example, architecture, history, art, and anthropology among others. On the other hand, modern Hania offers a wide variety of commodities and facilities as well as many entertainment related spots, in such a way that it perfectly complements the old town.

The old town of Hania is one of the first spots tourists should visit when going to this destination. This old town is very rich in history and contains an important amount of antique and unique constructions which most of the times are strongly related to important past events. Among the main constructions and spots tourists should visit in this old town, we can name, for example, the Giali Tzamissi Mosque, the city’s lighthouse built in the 15th century, the Splantzia Quarter, the Greek Orthodox Cathedral of Trimartiry, and the Venetian Harbor.

Map of Hania in Greece