The Cosau Valley

The Cosau Valley is one of the most tranquil, unspoiled by tourism spots in the entire region of Maramures. This characteristic turns the Cosau Valley it into a very appealing destination for any visitor who spends a vacation in Romania in that area of the country, especially for those who wish to avoid crowds and observe the every day life and traditions of a destination in an as pure as possible state.

One of the main villages visitors would be able to find in the Cosau Valley is Budesti. The main attraction of the village of Budesti is provided by its religious constructions, especially its wooden churches. One of these churches, the Church of Saint Nicholas, was constructed of oak towards middles of the 17th century. The Church of Saint Nicholas has a peculiar tower surrounded by other four small towers and offers a unique combination of Gothic style and traditional elements from the antique Maramures.

Other interesting village tourists can meet in the Cosau Valley is Sarbi. The village of Sarbi is located at approximately 20 kilometers from Vadu Izei and counts with several peculiarities. This village has a very attractive church which dates from beginnings of the 16th century and which was built entirely of oak. When visiting this church, tourists would find a variety of interesting paintings exhibited in it interior as well as several peculiar wood works and icons.

Also in Sarbi, tourists would be able to find other interesting church built entirely in Oak. This church counts with a very interesting past and history. It was first constructed next to where an old monastery used to be, but around the year 1715 it was completely destroyed by the Tartars and had to be rebuilt at its actual location. Nowadays, tourists who visit it would be able to enjoy its picturesque appearance as well as several icons and paintings in its interior.

Other appealing village visitors should not miss when going to the Cosau Valley is Ocna Sugatag. The village of Ocna Sugatag is located at a peculiar spot, on a hill that is situated at approximately 12 kilometers from Vadu Izei and between the Cosau Valley and the Mara Valley.