The island of Elafonisi

Elafonisi is a beautiful small Greek island situated towards the south east area of Crete. This island is at a distance of about 76 kilometers from Chania and 43 kilometers from Kastelli, and tourists can easily go to Elafonisi from them by bus since there are several ones going to the island every day.

Although it is very attractive, the island of Elafonisi is not one of the most famous ones in Greece and therefore it does not receive as many visitors as other destinations do. This helps it maintaining a quiet and relaxing environment which causes it to be specially appealing and unique.

Elafonisi, also called Elafonisios or Elaphonisios, is often overlooked due to the closeness of the island of Kithira. Kithira is one of the most attractive islands in Greece, and receives an important amount of tourists on a constant basis. Sometimes, tourists who visit Kithira, make a short visit to Elafonisi as a secondary stop, but they do not count with time enough to properly meet it and enjoy it.

The island of Elafonisi is an ideal destination to those tourists who rather a tranquil and peaceful environment instead of an exciting and active destination. This spot is very small and quiet, and provides a perfect environment for those who wish to calm after traveling within more intense spots.

Tourists who wish to go from Lakonia to Elafonisi can do so by ferry. There are ferries taking people from Lakonia to Elafonisi and from Elafonisi to Lakonia several times per day for a small amount of money, and therefore reaching the island should not be a problem. These ferries take tourists to Elafonisi’s port called Pounta, a port which allows them to meet a near beach as soon as they arrive.

There are several beaches spread throughout the coasts of Elafonisi. One of these beaches is Panagia, which probably is one of the most beautiful beaches in not only this island but the entire region as well. This beach, as well as most of the other ones in this island, offers a soft sand surrounded by beautiful trees and offering a very clear blue water which allow visitors to swim as well as to snorkel and practice some other water related activities.