Arhanes – a charming and beautiful town

Arhanes is a charming town, of small size, located in the Greek prefecture of Temenos, within Crete. This town is not only charming but also very attractive from the point of view of archaeology, anthropology and history due to the fact that it counts with some of the most important ancient remains of Crete.

The town of Arhanes has been very important since ancient times, mainly due to its role as a financial centre. This town has been considered an important financial and commercial centre since pre-historical times, a fact that could be assured after some excavations and discoveries brought to light unquestionable evidences.

The natural environment of Arhanes is very attractive and is probably the reason by which the King of Minos would spend the summer in this town. The landscape of Rhanes is composed by mountains, rare flora, gorges, hills, plains, and cultivated lands among other beautiful elements. The combination of a beautiful natural environment with a variety of ancient constructions, cause this destination to be very attractive and seductive to every tourist who approaches to that area of Crete.

The modern town of Arhanes counts with many facilities, restaurants, taverns, cafes, and shops. Those visitors who wish to enjoy the traditions of this town should try a local dish at one of the restaurants or taverns located around the central square. Arhanes has several traditional dishes tourists should not miss as well as it is renown by its wines, which are ideal for accompanying a dinner after a day of visiting the ancient constructions this town offers.

A very propitious time of the year for visiting Arhanes is during the Farmer Festival, in the summer harvesting of grapes. During this time of the year, the city becomes cheerful and visitors can learn about its ancient traditions and cultural aspects while participating of the festivities.

This destination is also ideal for all those who wish to practice sports and spend their energies while meeting the town. One of these activities could be, for example, walking up to the Sacred Mountain of Jioukta. This mountain is strongly related to the ancient Greek mythology, and is where, according to mythological tales, Zeus was buried.