Agia Triada – in Lasionas

Agia Triada is a picturesque village located within the municipality of Lasionas, towards the northern area of the prefecture of Ilia, in Crete. This small town counts with a population of about 400 inhabitants, and despite of the fact that in the last years it has been becoming more popular among tourists, it still keeps most of its traditions and its overall charming appearance.

There are several attractive destinations located nearby Agia Triada in such a way that, during their visit to the village, tourists could meet many spots. Among these nearby places, we can name, for example, Olympia, Rio Antirio Bridge, Patras, Tripoli, Kalavryta, Achaea, Pyrgos, Simopoulo, and Panopoulo. Some of these destinations are as close as about 20 km, while some others at about 100 km, but all of them appealing and unique.

An important part of Agia Triada’s territory consists on forests or large green areas, in such a way that the natural landscapes of this destination are among its main attractions. The village of Agia Triada is surrounded by these beautiful natural sceneries, located next to the Peneus River and on a valley, being this a combination of factors that add an extra appealing to this destination.

Agia Triada is not only attractive by its landscapes and beauty, but also by the archaeological discoveries that were made in its territory. This area was already inhabited as long ago as in the 3rd millennium BC, and tourists could visit some ruins dating from that époque. There are ruins of several antique constructions dating from several hundreds of years ago at different points of Agia Triada’s territory, turning it into a great destination to every tourist who enjoys meeting places that are strongly connected with the past.

The area where most of the ancient ruins of this destination are located is known as the old villa of Aghia Triada. In this place, visitors can meet the ruins of a variety of constructions built around the year 1600 BC, such as a palace, some houses, a sanctuary, a portico, and even market place. The first official excavations conducted in this place date from beginnings of the 20th century, when a group of archaeologists were exploring the surroundings of Phaestos. Since then, this spot became very important to the eyes of archaeologists from the entire world, and it is not unusual for a tourist to meet an expert who is exploring the area while visiting these ruins.

Map of Agia Triada in Greece