The quiet Agia Galini

Agia Galini is a quiet and tranquil fishing village located towards the southern coast of Crete, in Grece. The name of this village, Agia Galini, means holy peace, and is a name that suits it and describes it perfectly due to the fact that calm is the first feeling most visitors feel when they meet it. This destination is ideal to all those visitors who are looking for a relaxing vacation in a very tranquil, beautiful and traditional environment.

Despite of the fact that this village is used to receive many visitors from around the world in a constant basis, it still maintains its quiet environment and most of its traditions. The natural environment of Agia Galini is, without any doubt, one of the most attractive characteristics this village has to offer, which combined with the charming constructions create a beautiful and unique destination.

Agia Galini is surrounded by hills as well as it is built next to the port, offering this way the chance to enjoy a very appealing landscape no matter where the person is. Besides this, while visiting this village, tourists could also enjoy some unique sights over the Lybian Sea, being often described as paradisiacal by all those who enjoy sea related landscapes.

Tourists who enjoy the beach would also be able to have a nice time during their visit to Agia Galini. This village has several small and beautiful beaches, most of which usually are very tranquil and ideal for relaxing while hearing the sound of the sea and observing an amazing landscape. The two main beaches in this village are known as Kali Limenes and Agia Galini, and both of them are a must for every visitor who enjoys the beach.

While visiting Agia Galini, tourists can also easily reach several other attractive spots located within the southern area of Crete, due to the fact that there are daily boat trips connecting this village with several other destinations on a constant basis. Among these other destinations tourists can visit from Agia Galini, there is, for example, Agio Farago, Agios Giorgios, Preveli, and Paximadi.

Map of Agia Galini in Greece