The quiet and popular Sougia

Sougia, in Crete is a popular yet quiet and tranquil destination. This town is located within the south western area of Crete, at about 75 kilometers from Chania or Hania, and, due to its versatility, it is perfect for a relaxing vacation as well as for a fun and exciting one. Besides this, this destination is nearby several other attractive spots and villages, in such a way that tourists can easily meet many different places and attractions during their visit.

The town of Sougia has a very attractive main beach. This beach is so long that it never seems too crowded, no matter what the time of the year it is. This beach is one of the main attractions tourists would find in this town, especially those who enjoy being close to the sea, practice water sports, or simply relax while sunbathing in a beautiful environment.

Sougia counts with all the accommodations and facilities tourists could need in order to have fun and relax during their visit to the town. This spot has a variety of restaurants, hotels, cafes, bars, pubs, and discos, in such a way that visitors of all ages and preferences would surely be able to find something exciting to do.

One of the first places tourists should try to visit while being in Sougia is the nearby ancient town of Lissos. This antique town was very important in ancient Greece and visitors nowadays can still find a large number of ruins as well as learn about their history while being accompanied by a tourist guide person or by simply asking for more information at the local tourist office.

Other spot tourists should always try to visit while being in Sougia is the village of Agia Irini. While visiting Agia Irini tourists could not only meet a charming village but also a unique gorge known as the Agia Irini Gorge and which is ideal for a relaxing walk. Visitors can easily go to this village by bus, taxi, or car since it is at a very short distance from Sougia and most locals can provide directions on how to arrive.

Map of Sougia in Greece