The attractions of Iza Valley

Iza Valley is a very charming destination tourists could find when going to Maramures during a vacation in Romania. This spot is characterized by traditional folk costumes, carved houses and antique wooden constructions, and is one of the spots less spoiled by tourism in not only the region but the entire country as well.

The Iza Valley counts with a wide variety of attractions tourists should not miss, although its general appearances and the traditions of its inhabitants are often remembered by tourists as the most attractive characteristic this destination has. The traditional and colorful costumes many of the inhabitants of the Iza Valley often wear, made in colors such as orange or red, are without any doubt an attraction visitors should not miss while being in this area of Maramures.

One of the main tourist attractions in the Iza Valley is the village of Bogdan Voda. This village used to be home of the Cuhnea Bogdan Vovoides, and has the ruins of a very interesting antique fortress, which all those tourists who are fond of disciplines such as architecture or design should not miss. The best time of the year to visit Bogdan Voda is in May, since towards middle of that month a traditional folk festival takes place in it every year.

Other attractive area tourists should not miss in the Iza Valley is where the communes of Leud and Rozavlea are. The Communes of Leud and Rozavlea are characterized by having beautiful antique wooden churches. The most famous of these churches is the Church of Leud, the most antique of its kind in the entire region of Maramures.

The city of Borsa is other of the most appealing spots visitors would be able to find in the Iza Valley. This city is famous in the region of Maramures and the entire Romania for its important mining activities as well as for its beautiful forests. Those tourists who enjoy meeting beautiful natural landscapes would surely have a great time when visiting Borsa, since it combines amazing green and forested areas with beautiful springs and a very attractive background provided by the Rodna Mountains.