The beautiful Viseu Valley

The Viseu Valley is located within the Romanian region of Maramures, towards the north western area of the country. This Valley is composed by a stretch of approximately 60 kilometers and counts with beautiful and outstanding natural landscapes and sceneries, being one of the most appealing spots visitors could meet when going to Maramures during a vacation in Romania.

Viseu Valley is one of the most traditional regions of not only Maramures but the entire Romania as well. While being in this valley, tourists would be able to find several different villages and communities, all of them attractive and rich in folkloric history and traditions. Besides this, every different spot within the Viseu Valley offers a unique and outstanding beauty as well as amazing natural landscapes and sceneries.

One of the most attractive spots tourists could find in the Viseu Valley is the village of Borsa. Borsa was first officially recognized in the 17th century, when it was declared to be a commune and a parish. Not long after its official foundation, this parish became divided in two, situation that endured until around the year 1753, when both parts became reunited by request of Popa Ioan.

Nowadays, Brosa is a very appealing village in which tourists could find amazing landscapes and unique attractions. Besides this, Borsa is also a great destination for tourists who wish to be able to practice sports and spend energies during their vacation due to the fact that it counts with areas that are ideal for skiing and practicing other winter sports or activities. Besides this, this village has a National Reservation and therefore would also be a great choice for any visitor who enjoys being observing beautiful natural spots and meeting different animal species.

The Viseu Valley can be easily reached from several different origins. Tourists who wish to visit this valley coming from Brasov or Cluj, should first drive to Salva where they would find one road that connects it with Sacel, spot which is a few kilometers from the valley. When coming from Satu Mare, visitors should first go to Sighet, passing by the attractive Gutai pass, and there, they would find a road that would lead them directly to the Viseu Valley in probably less than an hour.