Visiting the Mara Valley

The Iasi County is located towards the north eastern area of Romania, near the The Mara Valley is one of the most beautiful and attractive spots tourists can visit in Maramures during a vacation in Romania. This spot offers a very picturesque appearance composed by amazing natural landscapes, wooden constructions, charming traditional houses, and antique churches among others.

One of the first places tourists should not miss visiting while being in The Mara Valley is Baia Sprie. This region was known as Medium Mons until the 14th century and nowadays offers several interesting spots and attractions, such as a peculiar wooden house called Csazi and the City Hall.

Other interesting spot visitors can meet in The Mara Valley is the Gutay pass. The Gutay pass offers very beautiful natural landscapes and is located nearby other attractive spots, such as, for example, the Pintea’s Spring, named after Grigore Pintea who leaded the uprising that took place in Maramures towards beginnings of the 18th century.

The village of Mara is one of the most picturesque places tourists can meet during their visit to the Mara Valley and one of the most interesting for all those visitors who are fond of disciplines such as history, anthropology, or architecture among others. This village is considered as a museum and counts with charming houses, carved doors, wooden pillars, and a variety of elements traditional of the region of Maramures.

Other attractive village located within the region of the Mara Valley is Hoteni. The village of Hoteni has a very picturesque appearance and charming constructions, and when visiting it towards the first days of May, tourists could enjoy its Tajuana Festival, with a variety of celebrations and activities.

Sighetu Marmatiei is other interesting town located within the Mara Valley and which tourists should try not to miss. This city, officially recognized in the 14th century, is one of the most important cultural centers of the region. While visiting it, tourists would be able to find the Village Museum, where a variety of objects and elements traditional of Maramures are exhibited; the City Museum, exhibiting antique masks, carvings, carpets, and ceramics; and the Gradina Morri Park, among others.