Oradea, in the County of Bihor

The city of Oradea is located within the Romanian region of the Banat, in Crisana, and is the capital city of the Bihor County. This city offers a wide variety of attractions and counts with a very interesting historical past, in such a way that it is a spot which all those tourists who are fond of disciplines such as history, anthropology, or archaeology should not miss during a vacation in Romania.

Oradea has beautiful landscapes composed by a unique combination of hills, rivers, and coastlines. Besides this, this city is famous in the region of the Banat as well as in all Romania for its outstanding thermal springs, which attract visitors from many different origins year around. The geographical characteristics and natural elements of this destination are without any doubt one of its main attractions.

The city of Oradea, also known as Varad in German and Nagyvarad in Hungarian, counts with a population of approximately 207,000 inhabitants in its centre and about 240,000 in its metropolitan area. This city is among the most active and prosperous in Romania, and tourism has become an important resource for its inhabitants, in such a way that visitors can be sure of finding almost anything they might need to be comfortable during a vacation in it.

The first step towards the city of Oradea as nowadays we know it was taken in the 10th century, when a castle was built in this area. Some decades after that, during beginnings of the 11th century a bishopric was founded in this spot by request of the King of Hungary Ladislaus I. During the 12th century, and during attempts of Mongol invasions, the Citadel of Oradea was built. Nowadays, tourists could still meet some ruins of this citadel, being that a very interesting attraction they should not miss.

Oradea is composed by several different districts or quarters. Among these quarters, we can name, for example, Velenta, Salca, Nufarul, Iorga, Vie, Rogerius, Episcopia Bihor, Seleus, and Iosia Nord. Besides this, it might be interesting to know that due to its location on the border with Hungary, this city is extremely active and one of the most prosperous in the entire country.