Visiting the city of Baja

Baja is an attractive city located within the Hungarian district of same name and of which it is capital. This city has an area of about 177.6 km2 and a population of approximately 37,700 inhabitants, with a resultant population density of around 212 inhabitants per km2.

The name of this city Baja, is a term that can be translated as “bull”, but that meaning doesn’t have any direct relation with it. This name was given to this spot in honor to the first family that settled in it and owned the area, a noble family called Baja. Also, during antique times, this area of Hungary was known as Francovilla or Frankenstadt.

The first official mention known about the city of Baja dates from beginnings of the 14th century, and more specifically from around the year 1308. For several centuries, the town was mainly inhabited by Serbs and Bunjevcis, but most of them left during the Turkish occupation, between the 16th and 17th centuries. During the Turkish occupation, Baja was used as a central strategic spot for that region of Hungary, and therefore it went through much more active military doings than other near by spots, leaving this an important mark in the traditions and appearance of the city.

Not long after the Turkish occupation, Baja became part of the Habsburg Empire. During that époque, this city received an important amount of new inhabitants from not only Hungary but several other different origins as well, among which, for example, there was a great percentage of Germans. During those years, the importance of Baja as a commercial and economical centre grew and it became known as one of the most popular spots in that region of the country.

One of the first attractions tourists would probably find when they go to Baja during their vacation in Hungary is the Bunjevci House or Bunjevci Museum. In the Bunjevci House, visitors would find many interesting antique objects dating from the times when Baja was inhabited by the Bunjevcis as well as learn important facts of the town and its culture during that époque.

Map of Baja in Hungary