Bekescsaba, capital of Bekes

Bekescsaba is a city located towards the south eastern region of Hungary, within the region of the Southern Great Plain, and in the County of Bekes of which it is capital. This town counts with a very interesting historical past as well as many unique attractions, being this way appealing to a wide range of tourists of different ages and preferences. This way, Bekescsaba is an option tourists should not overlook while planning a vacation in Hungary.

The area where the city of Bekescsaba nowadays is located has been inhabited since as long ago as the Iron Age. According to archaeologists and historians, during that époque, this city was first inhabited by the Scythians, and then by the Celts and the Huns. Despite of this, the first written and official mention to this spot as a town or settlement dates from the 14th century, when it is named as Csaba in a document.

During the époque of the Turkish occupation, there were nine different small villages located at the area in which nowadays Bekescsaba is, and Bekescsaba was the name given to one of them but not to the entire area. By the time the Turks left the region, this town along with most of the other surrounding ones had become almost completely inhabited, in such a way that during the 17th century, and according to an official document, Csaba was a completely deserted area.

Towards middles of the 18th century, this town again had an important amount of inhabitants and it was included in the list of villages that had to pay taxes, being this way officially recognized by the authorities. Other important moment in the life of Bekescsaba took place during middles of the 19th century, more specifically around the year 1858, when the first railway line arrived to this town. After this, the town started growing at an important pace, in such a way that any new houses and commercial buildings were constructed in a very short period of time.

There are many interesting antique constructions and attractive spots which visitors should not miss when traveling to Bekescsaba. among these attractions, there is, for example, the City Hall, the Baroque Church, the Slovakian Folklore Museum, the Classicist church, and the Mor Jokai Theatre.

Map of Bekescsaba in Hungary