The small town of Batsi

Batsi is a small town, often defined as a cottage, situated within the Greek region of the Cyclades. This town can be found at about 7 km from the eastern side of Megara, next to a mountain towards the northern area of Salamis, a municipality to which it belongs. This is a very interesting spot which tourists should always try to visit while being in this region due to the special way in which it combines nature, history, and entertainment.

The town of Batsi counts with a population of less than 250 inhabitants. While walking around in this town, visitors could enjoy its charm and meet a school, many picturesque houses, and important extensions f forests and green areas which would allow them to breathe an amazingly fresh air.

One of the main attractions offered by Batsi is give by he interesting archeological discoveries that have been done in its territory and which turn it into a great destination to all those tourists who enjoy disciplines such as anthropology, history, and of course archeology.

In the mountain next to which Batsi is situated there is an important cave which is the main spot where most archeological discoveries and studies have taken place. From this cave, a great amount of interesting elements and an important amount of new knowledge have been brought to the light.

The best time to visit Batsi is during summer time, since during this season tourists can enjoy the near by beaches which also are counted between the town’s main attractions. There is a variety of small and medium size beaches spread throughout the coast line of Batsi and other near by towns, in such a way that visitors could easily find one they like and where they could relax and enjoy an amazing sea landscape.

Winter time can also be a good option for visiting Batsi for those tourists who approach attracted by its archeological attractions rather than its beaches. During winter time this town doesn’t receive many tourists and therefore it can be much more peaceful to those who wish to relax and observe the archeological discoveries, the cave, and other interesting spots.

Map of Batsi in Greece