The port of Gavrio

Gavrio is a very interesting town situated in Andros, within the Greek area known as the Cyclades. One of the main characteristics and attractions offered by Gavrio is given by its port, a port which is the main of its kind in the island of Andros and, due to its location, is often one of the first landscapes visitors notice.

The port of Gavrio is a very peculiar construction since it shows a very interesting amphitheatrically-like shape. This port is one of the first thing tourists should visit while being in Gavrio, although they might not need to take this advice since its almost impossible not to meet it while being in the town.

Gavrio is a fishing town by tradition, although in the last two decades it has been gaining more and more fame as a tourist destination. This way, nowadays Gavrio combines many elements of its fishing town traditional aspects with modern life and tourism in such a way that this last activity has become an indispensable economical resource for the town.

Tourists could find almost any facilities and commodities they could need while visiting Gavrio. This town has several restaurants, cafes, bars, hotels, car and bike hiring businesses, camping areas, and a variety of shops of almost any kind a visitor could need, turning it into a very comfortable destination.

Another advantage of visiting Gavrio is the fact that it allows tourists to have easy access to other spots in the island and its surroundings. There is a variety of transportation methods such as buses, excursions, and boats which would allow tourists to easily reach almost any other spot they might wish to meet in the area.

Among the other interesting spots tourists can easily reach and visit while being in Gavrio, there is, for example, Chartes, Varidi, Kalivari, Petros, Fellos, Amolochos, Makrotantalos, Vitali, Kalokerini, Yides, a variety of beautiful beaches, and the Monastery of Zoodoochos which is one of the main attractions in the region. As it can be noticed, there is a wide variety of options from which to choose and places to meet while being in Gavrio.

Map of Gavrio in Greece