The famous Ios

Ios is often described as one of the most famous and visited islands in the group of the Cyclades, Greece. This destination combines a unique mixture of history, geographical characteristics, and beautiful landscapes in such a way that it is very difficult to find another spot which reunites such aspects in a similar way in the rest of the region.

When approaching to Ios visitors can already enjoy its uniqueness and beauty while observing the way in which many of its white houses are built over the edge of some cliffs and seem to be about to go down. This is a very enjoyable landscape and visitors should be alert to observe it while first reaching the town.

Around the year 1500 BC, a volcano went through a great explosion near the area today known as Ios, and gave shape to an important area of this city’s territory. Many of the houses which tourists could see while walking around are built next to some remaining from this natural phenomenon.

The antique or prehistoric city of Akrotini is also one of the main attractions offered by Ios. Akrotiri is extremely interesting due to the fact that still nowadays scientists still are making discoveries regarding its antique civilization and the way they lived, and therefore, all those visitors who are fond of the discipline of archeology should make sure of visiting this area.

Ios, also known as Nios, is also famous by its chapels. This island counts with an important amount of chapels and religious constructions as well as with many other amazing and antique buildings from different époques and styles. Architecture is another discipline which can be highly enjoyed in Ios, and all those who are fond of it should be sure of being able to have a nice time visiting this island.

The city of Ios also offers a great nightlife and therefore, is also a great choice for young people and everybody else who likes partying and going out at nights. It is not difficult to see an important amount of young people in Ios’ streets, pubs, discos, and bars at nights, since they approach not only from the island but also from several others near by destinations as well.

Map of Ios in Greece