The city of Campulung

Campulung, also known as Campulung Muscel, is one of the cities that compose the County of Arges, in the Romanian region of Wallachia. This city offers a unique natural scenery and environment, with hills, the River Targului and the Transylvanian Alps as a background. This way, this destination is a great choice to all those tourists who wish to be able to be in touch with the nature during a vacation in Romania.

The city of Campulung is considered as one of the main summer resorts and destinations of Romania. But besides, its appealing natural scenery and climate, this destination also offers a variety of other attractions, such as, for example, several unique antique constructions, many of which are strongly related to the history of the country.

One of the most interesting constructions tourists can visit in Campulung is the Monastery. This monastery, along with the Cathedral of Campulung, was built during the 13th century by the first Prince of Wallachia called Radu Negru. Besides this, Campulung also has many other religious constructions and a variety of buildings of peculiar characteristics.

According to historians, Campulung was one of the first inhabited spots in the region of Walachia. The first settlements Campulung had counted with people from diverse origins, such as Saxons and Germans, providing it with a very peculiar identity and interesting traditions. Besides this, it might also be interesting to know that Campulung was the first capital city of what was known as the Feudal State of Wallachia, characteristic it maintained until the 14t century when Curtea de Arges took its place.

An interesting fact tourists might find useful to know about Campulung is that this destination was home of a Roman Colony, and still nowadays some remains of its constructions can be visited at the area known as Jidovi or Gradistea. Other interesting fact about Sampulung is that during the last century, the population of Campulung has increased very fast. During the 20th century, this city counted with approximately 13,050 inhabitants, while at beginnings of the 21st century, this city was home of about 38,300 people.

Map of Campulung in Romania