The historic centre of Bucharest

The historic centre of Bucharest is not the same as it used to be known before Ceaucescu, but still is one of the most interesting spots visitors can meet during their vacation in Romania. Before the dictatorship of Ceaucescu, this historic centre counted with many unique antique constructions, but nowadays, only a few of them are still left, and the overall appearance of this area of Bucharest has changed dramatically.

Despite of the way in which the historic centre was re-built, many of its antique buildings remain unchanged. These buildings can be met next to modern constructions and mixed with cafes, restaurants and shops, which provide this area with a very peculiar appearance and mood. This way, while being in this area of Bucharest, tourists can meet the antique constructions as well as have a coffee while observing the environment and peculiar landscape surrounding them.

Besides new and antique constructions, while walking around the historic centre, visitors could also meet squares, museums, and parks. Some of the most attractive spots offered by the historic centre of Bucharest are: the Strada Lispcani, the Cismigiu Park, the Bulevard Aviatorilor, the Calea Victoriei, the Bulevard Bratianu, the Piata Palatului, the Bulevar Dacia, the Village Museum or Muzeul Satului, the Bulevar Regina Elisabeta, the Catedrala Patriarhala, and the Piata Romana.

According to historians, the origins of the historic centre of Bucharest can be traced back to the 15th century, when a court and a palace known as the Palatul Curtea Veche were built in this area of the city. Once this palace was completed, many other constructions were built around it and in the surrounding areas, giving birth this way to what is nowadays known as the historic centre of the city.

It might be important to know that the area of the historic centre can not be accessed by car or any vehicle other than taxis. This should not be seen as a disadvantage, since walking around and taking time to slowly observe the surroundings might be the best way to meet this spot and make sure of not missing any attractive detail.