Piata Revolutiei – A historical place

The Piata Revolutiei is one of the most iconic and historical places tourists could meet during a vacation in Romania. This square was where one of the most important moments in the history of Romania took place: this place was where, on December of 1989, Ceausescu and the Communist regime was overthrown after riots and protests. Since then, this square has been known as the Piata Revolutiei and is, without any doubt, a spot that is strongly related to the history and identity of this country and its population.

The Piata Revolutiei or Square of Revolution was created during the first years of the 1930’s. This square was built around the Royal Palace and with the purpose of protecting it from eventual revolutions. The monarchs that were ruling Romania during that époque were overthrown after a revolution but in which this square wasn’t involved. Despite of this, the square clearly failed in its purpose when Ceausescu was overthrown from it.

Nowadays, the original appearance of the Piata Revolutiei has changed. When visiting it, tourists could observe some new buildings around it as well as many antique ones restored, in such a way that it looks renewed and attractive. Besides this, in 2005 a monument was erected in the square in commemoration of the Romanian Revolution of 1989, becoming a very symbolic icon for the city and its inhabitants.

The Romanian Revolution of 1989, which went through its culminant moment at the Piata Revolutiei, consisted on several different protests and riots that endured for over a week. During this revolution, more than 1100 people lost their lives, and among them, about 165 died in the Piata Revoluitei protest which culminated with Ceausescu and the Communist regime overthrown.

After the Revolution of 1989 and the execution of Ceausescu, Ion Iliescu, who was his ally and member of the Communist Party, became democratically elected as the president of Romania after a massive media campaign. Ion Iliescu was re elected three times, being president of Romania until the year 2005, when the candidate proposed by the Justice and Truth party became elected.

Street View from Piata Revolutiei in Bucharest