Visiting the town of Chinchón

Chinchón, located in the surroundings of Madrid, is a very peculiar and charming town worthwhile to be visited by those tourists who are in the region. This town shows a sight full of groups of antique small houses in a variety of light colors which together provide a very peculiar and picturesque landscape.

The town of Chinchón has antique constructions which date from several centuries ago and still show its original characteristics as the day they were built. One of the most interesting antique constructions this town offers, despite of the fact it is mostly ruined to the date, is a castle located towards the southern side of the town and which dates from the XIV century and which has been ruined twice in the last seven centuries.

Another interesting spot tourists could meet while being in Chinchón is the town’s medieval square. This medieval square is one of the most peculiar ones in the entire country and shows a very interesting and unique portico which is one of the main attractions of the region.

The main square in Chinchón, known as the Plaza Mayor, is other spot tourists can not miss while being in the town. The original purpose of this square was to be an esplanade preceding the castle’s entrance. Nowadays, it is the central spot of the town and one of the most traditional as well, full of history and strongly attached to the town’s past.

During the XVI century, a bullfight took place in the Main Square of Chinchón and gave birth to one of the main and most antique traditions of the town. This way, there have been bullfights in this square during centuries and still to the date tourists could assist to one if they arrive at the right time of the year.

Chinchón is also famous as a town which offers a wide variety of art and entertainment related activities. This town has been famous by its concerts and variety of theaters for centuries, and to the date, it is still characterized by offering a wide variety of options from which to choose.

Map of Chinchón in Spain