Aranjuez – A royal site

Aranjuez has been known as a Royal Site since King Ferdinand and Queen Isabel gave it that name centuries ago. This town, located at about 50 kilometers from Madrid, is one of the most beautiful spots in not only the surroundings of the capital, but also in the entire Spain.

The city of Aranjuez offers a great amount of interesting spots to visit and entertaining things to do. One of the main places a tourist should visit in this city is the Palacio Real or Royal Palace. The Palacio Real was constructed during the époque in which Felipe II was King of Spain, and completed during the reign of Fernando VI, showing a very impressing and unique architectural structure as well as many interesting ornaments and art work pieces in its interior.

Another spot tourosts should visit while being in Aranjuez is the Jardín de la Isla, meaning the island garden, which consists on a beautiful green area full of interesting antique sculptures and ornaments. Near the Jardín de la Isla, there is the Jardín del Parterre. El Jardín del Parterre was created during the XVIII century in a rather French style, containing some beautiful fountains spread throughout its extension.

One of the most interesting gardens in this region of Spain is the Jardín del Principe of Aranjuez. This garden consists on several small gardens which together show an extension of about 150 hectares. Spread throughout these gardens, tourists could meet a variety of antique sculptures, fountains, and ponds as well as a variety of exotic plants and trees which were brought from different places of the world.

The Iglesia de los Alpajes is another interesting place tourists can meet in Aranjuez. This church was built during the XVII century and shows not only a very interesting architectural structure but also several peculiar antique objects such as, per example, the shield of Carlos II. Also, the Convento de San Pascual is another interesting religious construction tourists can meet in this city. The Convento de San Pascual was built during the XVIII century and next to it there is a very interesting bull ring to visit as well.

Street View of Aranjuez