Toledo – A medieval capital

The city of Toledo, near Madrid, used to be the capital of Spain during the medieval times, and still today is among the main and most important spots in the country. This city is located at about 45 miles towards the south of Madrid, bordered by the River Tajo and is one of the spots that offer some of the most beautiful sights of the region.

Toledo is widely known due to the fact that it was where El Greco lived and where he created a great amount of his art work pieces. This way, this city has been home town of one of the greatest artists from the XVI century, and this can be easily noticed through the way in which many of the constructions and churches from that époque show some art works or ornaments created by him, such as, per example, his piece called The Burial of the Count of Orgaz, exhibited in the Church of St. Tome.

Besides its important relation with art, Toledo also shows strong bonds with architecture and other related disciplines. This city has an important amount of interesting constructions from several centuries ago, showing styles such as, for example, Arabic, Gothic, and from the Renaissance among several others.

There are many interesting things and spots to see while visiting Toledo. One of these main spots tourists should make sure of visiting is the Catedral de Toledo, a cathedral constructed within the XIII century in a very pure and typical Gothic style. This cathedral is a spot which almost every tourist would find interesting, specially those tourists who enjoy architecture, history or arts.

Besides its antique and historical constructions, Toledo also offers a wide variety of other buildings and spots to visit. Among these spots, there is, per example, the Museo de Bomberos de Toledo or Toledo’s Firefighters Museum, where visitors can observe several interesting objects and learn about the history of Toledo’s firefighters. There also are several other spots, and it is very recommendable for tourists to ask for information on where to go at the local tourism information centre.

Map of Toledo in Spain