The climate and weather of spain

Due to the important extension of land Spain comprehends and the different geographical areas it has, this country shows some different climates at some spots than at in others, although there are some general guidelines which can be applied to it as a whole.

In general, all the different areas of Spain show some similarities at each season, although many times they show important differences as well. Despite of learning the general weather conditions of the country at any given time, it is recommendable to learn about the particular weather of each specific region of Spain a tourist would meet before visiting it in order to be properly ready for it.

Summer time in Spain goes from June to September, and during this season the country receives a great amount of tourists who approach attracted by its beautiful beaches. During the central weeks of summer time, most of Spain offers a very hot weather, with temperatures that might be of more than 30º C at some areas.

During winter time, Spain doesn’t offer very cold temperatures at most of its territory, although it does show some very low temperatures at some areas, such as for example in Madrid and the central region of the country. Within the central area of Spain, winter time offers temperatures which could reach low temperatures of around 0º C sometimes, although they averagely are of around 10º C.

Most tourists choose autumn or spring time for visiting Spain due to the way in which many of its regions offer their best climate around those époques of the year. During the last weeks of spring or the first days of autumn it might be even ideal for those who wish to enjoy Spain beaches, although towards the Atlantic Ocean there usually are important amounts of rains during those days.

Those tourists who wish to visit Spain without finding it much crowded, should choose October or May. October and May offer nice weather at most Spanish regions and, at the same time, these are not the months in which this country receives most of its visitors, turning them into ideal months for those who wish to meet the country in a more quieter way.