The new Dunaújváros

Dunaújváros is a quite new Hungarian city which was not born until the decade of 1950 by request of the Socialist government. This city is located near the antique town of Dunapentele, in the County of Fejér and within the region of Central Transdanubia. Tourists who are interested in learning more about the recent past of this country should not miss meeting this town during their stay in Hungary.

Despite of its short life, Dunaújváros has a population of around 51,500 inhabitants and a density of approximately 975 inhabitants per km2. It is interesting to know that, although Dunaújváros is a rather new city, the region in which it is located has been inhabited since ancient times, and therefore tourists who visit it could find a unique contrast of constructions and traditions.

The sister city of Dunapentele and its surroundings was born in the time when this area of Hungary was a Roman Province. During that époque, a military settlement was established in this are and called Intercisa. This town kept that name until the 10th century, when it was conquered by the Hungarians and named Pentele in honor to the Greek Saint Pantaleon.

The city of Dunaújváros was born after World War II, during the main industrialization stage of Hungary. During that industrialization wave, the government of Hungary wanted to build a large metal factory, and with that purpose, in 1950 designed and gave birth to Dunaújváros.

The construction of the town of Dunaújváros took two years before it could be officially named. Once it was built, in 1952, it was officially named as Sztálinváros or “Stalin City”, but after the death of Stalin, and while Hungary was entering into an important economical crisis, the construction of its factory slowed down. This factory was not finished until 1954, when the city had about 27,800 inhabitants and most of its buildings were completed. Most of these inhabitants already lived in finished buildings while some of them were still in precarious barracks. Towards endings of that decade, the then biggest primary school of Hungary was built in this town.

Map of Dunaújváros in Hungary