Gödöllo and its Royal Palace

The town of Gödöllo is located near Budapest, within the Hungarian region of Balaton, in Pest County. Tourists who wish to visit this town coming from Budapest during their vacation in Hungary could easily do so since there is a suburban railway line connecting these destinations and they are only 30 kilometers away from each other.

The most important university of agriculture of Hungary is located in this town. This educative centre is known as the Saint Stephen University or the Szent István Egyetem, and receives a large amount of students who come from many different parts of Hungary and from other countries as well.

The main attraction of this town and one of the most attractive constructions in all Hungary is the Royal Palace of Gödöllo. The Royal Palace of Gödöllo was built by request of the Grassalkovich family and was later also the home of the Emperor of Austria and King of Hungary Franz Josef as well.

The King Francis Joseph would live here with his wife, the Empress Elizabeth or Sisi. The Empress Elizabeth was extremely admired not only for her beauty but also by always showing a very modern thinking. This couple was very famous in Hungary and Europe, and the fact that they lived here is often seen as one of the main attractions the castle and the town offer.

The Palace of Gödöllo is considered to be one of the largest castles of Baroque style in Hungary. Between 1995 and 1996 this construction has been restored, in such a way that nowadays looks as if it had been just built. Since that renovation, this palace has had its entire facade and external appearance renovated as well as 26 of its rooms completely restored.

Every year, the town of Gödöllo hosts a variety of activities and cultural events. Among the several attractive events tourists could enjoy in this town, we can name, for example, the Baroque Palace Days, the Gödöllo Spring Festival, the Advent Palace Days, the Palace Concerts Chamber Music Festival, the International Harp Festival, and the Franz Liszt Piano Festival.

Map of Gödöllo in Hungary