A vacation in Szentendra

The town of Szentendra, also known as Senondrej in Slovak, Sentandreja in Serbian, Sankt Andrae in Medieval Latin, or Sankt Andra in German, is an attractive destination located within the region of Balaton, in Pest County. Szentendra is located at less than 30 kilometers from Budapest and therefore tourists who visit that city during their vacation in Hungary could easily travel to this town as well.

Szentendra is a picturesque town which offers attractive constructions as well as beautiful natural landscapes. This town is located in the bank of the River Balaton and is therefore not easily accessible from Budapest by railway, bus or car, but also by the river.

The town of Szentendra is famous in the rest of Hungary as well as well known in its neighboring countries by the large amount of museums and other cultural spots it has. When visiting this town, tourists would find a variety of different museums, art galleries, and historical spots, and therefore is a must for all those visitors who appreciate such qualities in a destination.

According to historians, Szentendra has been inhabited for more than a millennium. In the Roman times, this town and its surroundings used to be called as Ulcisia Castra or Wolf Castle, and was one of the most active spots in the region nowadays known as Balaton.

During the 16th century, Szentendra became a central area of what is called the Hungarian Serb community. After that, and for more than a century, this town became occupied for the Turks. Later, towards beginnings of the 18th century and when the Turks had left, Szentendra received an important amount of new inhabitants from several different origins, such as Slovakians, Germans, Serbians, and Greeks.

Nowadays, the architecture and landscape of Szentendra still reflects the mixture of cultures it has received during the last centuries. Besides this, the traditions and environment in general is very picturesque and differs in some aspects from the rest of Hungary. As it can be seen, this is a very interesting destination which all those tourists who visit this region of Hungary should not miss.

Map of Szentendra in Hungary