The vilage of Tihany

The village of Tihany is located within the Veszprém County, on the Tihany Peninsula and in the region of Balaton. This village and the peninsula are considered to be one of the most interesting historical districts of the country and therefore is a must for all those tourists who visit this region during a vacation in Hungary and enjoy meeting places rich in history and culture.

The Peninsula of Tihani is of volcanic origin and has been inhabited for more than 1000 years. This peninsula, with a length of 5 kilometers and a width of 4, has an important amount of peculiar animals and plants, being a very attractive spot for all those tourists who wish to visit destinations that offer an exciting natural life.

One of the most famous constructions and main attractions of Tihany is its Benedictine Abbey. The Benedictine Abbey of Tihany was constructed towards middles of the 11th century and founded by András I in the year 1055. This abbey is famous by the fact that its founding charter is the most antique record of Hungarian language existent. It is also important to know that during the 18th century, the Abbey of Tihany was re-constructed in a typical Baroque style which still maintains to the date.

The Church of Tihani is also famous in Hungary due to its echo. This construction used to produce a peculiar echo which has even been muse of several local poems. Nowadays his echo can not be heard anymore due to the fact that the construction has gone through several changes to its structure.

Other interesting place tourists can visit in this town is the Tihani’s Nature Reserve. The Natural Reserve of Tihani was the first of its kind in Hungary and counts with a volcanic stone hermit’s niche, interesting basalt rocks, lavender fields, almond trees, and monk’s dwellings which used to be home of Basilite monks around the 11th century. Tourists who wish to visit this spot can easily find it by following the pathway of Lajos Loczy, although they often rather going with a tourist guide who could explain them what each spot is as well as provide historical data and interesting facts related.

Map of Tihany in Hungary