The antique Veszprém

The city of Veszprém is located at about 15 km from Lake Balaton and within the region of Central Transdanubia, towards the northern area of Hungary. Veszprém is one of the most antique cities in the country and therefore a very interesting destination for all those tourists who enjoy disciplines such as history or anthropology and visit this area during a vacation in Hungary.

There is a famous legend related to Veszprém and which adds mysticism and a special appealing to the city. According to this legend, this city was founded on seven hills: Jerusalem Hegy, Gulyadomb, Varhegy, Kalvira Domb, Cserhat, Temetohegy, and Benedek Hegy.

One of the most characteristic attractions of Veszprém, if not the most, is its castle. The construction date of the Castle of Veszprém is not clear. The first official fact known about it dates from the times of the King Béla III, when his notary wrote about this castle mentioning that when the Hungarians arrived to this town this construction already existed.

According to experts on the subject, the Castle of Veszprém must have been built during the 8th or 9th century, since there are evidences indicating that it was used as a Frankish fortress. This castle was one of the first constructions of its kind built in Hungary, along with the Castle of Esztergom and the Castle of Székesfehérvár.

One of the most significant historical moments this town went through was during the fight that was conducted in order to make Christianity the official religion of the country. During that fight, the main opponent of St. Stephen was defeated in the surroundings of Veszeprém, and after that, at beginnings of the 11th century, this town became the first Episcopal seat of the country.

An interesting fact to know about Vezsprém is that, for several centuries, this city was a favorite among queens, especially for the wife of St. Stephen. This can be seen reflected in the large number of queens who were crowned in this city by the bishop of Vezsprém, and has caused, as a consequence, that it is often called the city of the queens.

Map of Veszprém in Hungary