The tourism center of Zirc

Zirc is a Hungarian city located towards the northern region of the country, within Central Transdanubia and Bakony, of which it is its main tourism center. This town offers a wide range of activities and attractive spots to meet, being a great choice for a vacation of Hungary, regardless the age or preferences of the visitors.

The town of Zirc is famous by its cultural events and interesting activities. This town has held many important concerts as well as has a great amount of galleries, art centers, and other different types of cultural establishments. This causes this destination to be very attractive for all those tourists who enjoy culture related activities.

One of the main attractions of Zirc is the Abbey of Cisztercita. The Abbey of Cisztercita was built by request of Bela III and for a long time it was the home of French monks. Subsequently, several other smaller abbeys and religious constructions were built around the Cisztercita Abbey, in such a way that during the 13th century they were all united and named as part of one same big religious area. For several centuries, the abbey of Zirc was one of the most renown of Hungary, and still nowadays causes this city to be famous in the rest of the country, being known as one of the main historical religious centers of it.

Nowadays, the main building of the Abbey of Cisztercita is home of a museum which hosts several antique books, interesting journals, and unique objects related to the history of Zirc and the region of Bakony Hills. Besides this, in this building tourists would also be able to meet several antique pieces of furniture, such as, for example, a table made of different woods and which is traditional to this area of Hungary.

In what is known as the Residential Quarters of Abbot, visitors could also find other interesting museum: the Natural History Museum of Zirc. This natural museum shows the flora and fauna of this region of Hungary, and has a very attractive arboretum. In this museum, tourists could meet an oak tree that is more than 400 years old.

Map of Zirc in Hungary