The town of Velence

Velence is a town located within the Fejér County, in the Hungarian region of Central Transdanubia, and on the shore of the Lake Velence. This town has a population of about 4.650 inhabitants and an area of approximately 33,4 km2, in such a way that its density is of around 139 inhabitants per km2. Due to its location and characteristics, this destination is perfect for every tourist who wishes to enjoy attractive beaches and beautiful sights during a vacation in Hungary.

The town of Velence has beautiful beaches as well as some medicinal waters and spas. During summer time, the spas of Velence become a very important Hungarian tourist destination, and visitors who reach this spot in that period could enjoy a variety of water activities created for their entertainment. These water activities are very varied and usually suitable for different ages, turning this destination into a great choice for a family vacation.

Experts affirm that the origins of Velence can be traced back to the Arpad Age. It is believed that during that époque, this town already was an important Hungarian settlement known as Fertó. There are letters and written documents backing up this belief and providing enough evidence of it being true.

In the past, Velence used to be a fishing centre, but this started changing progressively, until becoming he family summer resort area nowadays is. The most important stage on the development of Velence as a resort town started during the decade of 1930. During that decade, charming summer villages started appearing all along the shore of the lake and a yatch club was constructed, consolidating the status of resort area of the town.

For many tourists, the best time of the year to visit Velence might be during summer, although those who wish to avoid crowds might not enjoy this destination so much during that time of the year. In these cases, it is recommendable to visit Velence during the last weeks of spring or the first weeks of autumn, when the town doesn’t have so many visitors and the weather is still enjoyable and propitious for beach and water activities.

Map of Velence in Hungary